Thursday, 19 April 2018

Guide On Sump Pump Repair

One usually forgets about the sump pump until the rainy season is around. If you have a short rainy season, for a large part of the year, the pump is likely to remain forgotten. However, when the basement floods during rains, the pump needs to be in top working condition. Any required sump pump repair at that time will aggravate your problem. A good preventive policy to follow is to get the pump checked twice a year to ensure it remains in good working condition when you need it. If you do find problems, it is best to read our sump pump repair guide at to keep your sump pump functional. 

Checking the power source 

When you start preventive checks, make sure that the power is available. Checks must include power availability at the outlet meant for the pump, that the pump power socket is plugged-in and the backup power is available. Flooding is often associated with storms, and you may have a power outage. Having backup power is essential. You need to ensure the battery is not dysfunctional. Using a maintenance-free battery would give you higher probability of the battery remaining all right. Switch off the AC mains and ensure the battery backup takes over. 

Checking the float 

One critical item to check during this maintenance runs is that the float works fine. The float triggers the motor on, based on the level of water in the sump. As it reaches a preset threshold, the pumps will trigger on. You will need to pour water into the sump, as the sump is likely to be dry when you are trying these checks. Pour water until the level reaches the trigger level, and starts the pump on. This level needs to be high enough to prevent flooding the basement. The pump will run continuously if the float is set too low. 

Checking the discharge 

When you pump out the water, discharge needs to be safely away from the house. Once again, fill some water into the sump and check how it is being pumped out. You need to ensure that the ground slopes away from the house at the discharge point. You may need to consider the weather conditions too. For example, the discharge water should not cause inconvenience to others. For example, the water freezing on the pavement could be a nuisance for others. If you do find a problem with any of the issues discussed to get the sump pump repair done as soon as possible.

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