Monday, 22 January 2018

Things To Know About Battery Backup Sump Pump

So what happens if our power goes out or our main sump pump stops working? The basement becomes the new swimming pool. In case you are wondering what a sump pump is here is the definition: a device that removes water accumulations or other liquids from the lowest point in a drainage system. So in case we ever find ourselves in a situation where our power goes out or if our main pump stops working we need to have a backup plan. Everyone needs to invest in a sump pump battery backup. 

You may be wondering how exactly does a sump pump work? It stops the flooding of the lowest point of your basement floor. If it were to start storming and the electric went out, as the water levels were to rise in your basement the sump pump battery backup would kick in and begin sending the water out of the house through allotted pipes. To guarantee that the water is being taken out of the house an anti-backflow valve is used. 

Depending on your desire there are two types of battery backup pumps the standard output and the high output. You will want to use the standard output pump if the primary sump pump is 1/3 HP or if it is ½ HP and seldom runs when it rains. The high output pump would be used if the primary pump is ¾ HP or if it’s ½ HP and constantly runs when it rains. Something else you need to look out for when purchasing a battery backup is the diameter of your sump basin which is usually about 18” in diameter. If your diameter is insufficient in size then you will need to purchase a sump pump at that can be placed in a higher area. 

Click here to check that what type of battery should you use to power your battery backup? You want to stay away from car batteries as they are not reliable when it comes to providing long periods of power which may be needed for battery backup pumps. The design of the car battery gives it a limited life span so it would need to be replaced frequently. For battery backup pumps the best type of battery to use is a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery. The ‘deep cycle’ marine battery can withstand deep discharge and fully regain power once recharged as well as provide a respectable life span before having to be replaced. 

When choosing a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery you want to ensure that it has the largest battery capacity available and an outstanding cycle life. The cycle life of a battery is determined by its ability to continually run before it can no longer hold 50% of the original cycle rate. The greater the cycle life then the replacement of the battery is prolonged. If the charge and upkeep of the battery is done right it will provide many years of assistance. 

With all this said if you want to keep your basement as well as your valuables flood free you should purchase a sump pump battery backup. Make sure you buy a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery to run your backup pump in case the electric goes out so you can feel safe knowing you bought the right battery to keep your home and belongings safe from water damage.

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