Thursday 19 April 2018

Guide On Sump Pump Repair

One usually forgets about the sump pump until the rainy season is around. If you have a short rainy season, for a large part of the year, the pump is likely to remain forgotten. However, when the basement floods during rains, the pump needs to be in top working condition. Any required sump pump repair at that time will aggravate your problem. A good preventive policy to follow is to get the pump checked twice a year to ensure it remains in good working condition when you need it. If you do find problems, it is best to read our sump pump repair guide at to keep your sump pump functional. 

Checking the power source 

When you start preventive checks, make sure that the power is available. Checks must include power availability at the outlet meant for the pump, that the pump power socket is plugged-in and the backup power is available. Flooding is often associated with storms, and you may have a power outage. Having backup power is essential. You need to ensure the battery is not dysfunctional. Using a maintenance-free battery would give you higher probability of the battery remaining all right. Switch off the AC mains and ensure the battery backup takes over. 

Checking the float 

One critical item to check during this maintenance runs is that the float works fine. The float triggers the motor on, based on the level of water in the sump. As it reaches a preset threshold, the pumps will trigger on. You will need to pour water into the sump, as the sump is likely to be dry when you are trying these checks. Pour water until the level reaches the trigger level, and starts the pump on. This level needs to be high enough to prevent flooding the basement. The pump will run continuously if the float is set too low. 

Checking the discharge 

When you pump out the water, discharge needs to be safely away from the house. Once again, fill some water into the sump and check how it is being pumped out. You need to ensure that the ground slopes away from the house at the discharge point. You may need to consider the weather conditions too. For example, the discharge water should not cause inconvenience to others. For example, the water freezing on the pavement could be a nuisance for others. If you do find a problem with any of the issues discussed to get the sump pump repair done as soon as possible.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

What Is A Sump Pump & What does It Do

On this page we will be running through two main questions what is a sump pump & what does a sump pump do 

What Is A Sump Pump? 

A sump pump is basically a pump that is used in order to remove water that has accumulated within a water collecting sump basin, these are normally found in the basements of houses. There are a variety of ways that water can enter the basement such as via perimeter drains of a water proofing system, flooding from rain especially if the basement is below the water table level. 

Sump Pumps are primarily used when basement flooding frequently occurs and help to solve dampness where the water table is positioned above the foundation of a household. Sump pumps work by sending water away from a household to a place which is no longer deemed problematic such as a storm drain or a well. 

It was common with older pumps to discharge any excess water into sanitary sewers this was once considered an acceptable practice however this could now violate some plumbing codes or municipal bylaws because it can actually overwhelm the sewage system. 

Municipalities have urged all homeowners to actually disconnect and reroute their sump pump discharge away from all sanitary sewers. If you do not comply with these rules you may be issued a fine. However it is common for homeowners to actually inherit their sump pump and how its configured and therefore they don’t actually realise that their pump is discharging excess water into the sewer. So if your pump is fed to a laundry sink its most likely being discharged into the sewer. 

The majority of sump pumps are hardwired directly into a households electrical system, however some of the more expensive ones may actually have a battery backup in place in case of a power outage. You can also power some pumps via the pressurized water supply which completely eliminates the necessity of electricity when powering yours instead replacing this with potable water (however this generally makes them much more expensive to operate as opposed to the electrical pumps not to mention the additional water created by this also needs to be dispersed) Sometimes if a sump basin is not consistently pumped they may begin to overflow and therefore it is important to have a backup system should your primary system fail. 

While looking for sump pumps at sump pump advisor there are two main types that you will come across on your searches these are submersible and pedestal. 

A pedestal pump has its motor mounted well above the sump itself which allows people to service it far easier than one that has been submerged. However because of this it is more obvious to the eye. 

A submersible pump is completely mounted within the actual sump and is sealed to prevent any short circuits. There is a lot of debate to which sump pump is better and it generally comes down to preference however it has been said that a pedestal sump pump will last 25 – 30 years if installed properly and well looked after where as a submersible pump will only last around 5 to 15 years and are more expensive to purchase but they can take debris up with the water without clogging. 

Sump Pump systems aren’t just used in residential properties, they can also be utilised in various industrial and commercial applications such as controlling water table problems in the surface soil. A artesian aquifer or periodic high water tale situation can actually cause the ground beneath it to become unusable due to it being completely saturated with water. 

So as long as the pump is functional then the soil will remain stable and usable. These sumps differ from residential ones as they are normally buried 10 feet deep or more and have been lined with a metal pipe that has been perforated and has drainage holes throughout. These tend to have electronic control systems with both visual and audible alarm notifications in case of a problem, they are normally covered in order to prevent any debris or animals from falling into the hole.

Thursday 22 February 2018

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems - Sump Pump Advisor

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems
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Monday 12 February 2018

Why is Sump Pump Important for the Fermentation Industry?

Why is Sump Pump Important for the Fermentation Industry?
from Sump Pump Advisor

Why is Sump Pump Important for the Fermentation Industry?

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that your fermentation business is at risk if you are are using an outdated drainage system. You must either pay high amount to the experts and get your industry inspected every interval or relieve yourself from this stress by setting up a good sump pump system. Most of these sump pump systems are installed in the basement of the fermentation industry the installing process much easy as we found at sump pump advisor with all precautions as well.
Challenges mostly arrive in case of heavy rains or snow melting. The dampness in the soil makes it impossible for the water to move and get drained. By ignoring this levelof safety measure, you are inviting serious damages in your fermentation industry.

Why is Sump Pump Important for the Fermentation Industry?

A sump pump consists of two parts, mechanical pump, and a float switch. These are fixed at the lowest level of your industry’s basement. When the moisture starts to leak, and the water level rises, the float switch helps to activate the pump. Once the pressure comes up, it forces the water towards the discharge pipe releasing it in the respective field.

If you do not have a proper sump pump system for your industry, it may result in flooding, damages to the machinery and other products. The sump pump works faster than any other fermenter drains thereby saving more money, energy, and electricity. There isn’t any point in buying pricey sanitary pumps and associated hoses when you have economical setup options like the sump pump. 

Tips to buy sump pump for fermentation industry:

• Choose a submersible pump than a pedestal pump so that your water logging area has more space. The submersible sump pumps are covered with a lid that reduces pump noise and stops the debris from mixing into the pit.

• Choose a pump that comes with a cast iron core rather than plastic. Cast iron helps to dissolve the heat around the surrounding water, increasing the life of the pump.

• The switch must be mechanical over the typical pressure switch. It helps the float to be solid so that it doesn’t stop the drainage and switches off by itself. By choosing the latter could lead to further damages of the machine as it might burn the pump.

• Choose a sump pump that comes with an alert alarm. The moment the water reaches a certain level, the alarm will act as a reminder for you to know that it is crossing its limits. There are different brands and different companies that deal with sump pumps.

• Check from different companies to compare the prices and negotiate to make a perfect deal. Keep a spare pump as a backup in case the primary fails to execute the water flood.

Monday 22 January 2018

Things To Know About Battery Backup Sump Pump

So what happens if our power goes out or our main sump pump stops working? The basement becomes the new swimming pool. In case you are wondering what a sump pump is here is the definition: a device that removes water accumulations or other liquids from the lowest point in a drainage system. So in case we ever find ourselves in a situation where our power goes out or if our main pump stops working we need to have a backup plan. Everyone needs to invest in a sump pump battery backup. 

You may be wondering how exactly does a sump pump work? It stops the flooding of the lowest point of your basement floor. If it were to start storming and the electric went out, as the water levels were to rise in your basement the sump pump battery backup would kick in and begin sending the water out of the house through allotted pipes. To guarantee that the water is being taken out of the house an anti-backflow valve is used. 

Depending on your desire there are two types of battery backup pumps the standard output and the high output. You will want to use the standard output pump if the primary sump pump is 1/3 HP or if it is ½ HP and seldom runs when it rains. The high output pump would be used if the primary pump is ¾ HP or if it’s ½ HP and constantly runs when it rains. Something else you need to look out for when purchasing a battery backup is the diameter of your sump basin which is usually about 18” in diameter. If your diameter is insufficient in size then you will need to purchase a sump pump at that can be placed in a higher area. 

Click here to check that what type of battery should you use to power your battery backup? You want to stay away from car batteries as they are not reliable when it comes to providing long periods of power which may be needed for battery backup pumps. The design of the car battery gives it a limited life span so it would need to be replaced frequently. For battery backup pumps the best type of battery to use is a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery. The ‘deep cycle’ marine battery can withstand deep discharge and fully regain power once recharged as well as provide a respectable life span before having to be replaced. 

When choosing a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery you want to ensure that it has the largest battery capacity available and an outstanding cycle life. The cycle life of a battery is determined by its ability to continually run before it can no longer hold 50% of the original cycle rate. The greater the cycle life then the replacement of the battery is prolonged. If the charge and upkeep of the battery is done right it will provide many years of assistance. 

With all this said if you want to keep your basement as well as your valuables flood free you should purchase a sump pump battery backup. Make sure you buy a ‘deep cycle’ marine battery to run your backup pump in case the electric goes out so you can feel safe knowing you bought the right battery to keep your home and belongings safe from water damage.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump Reviews 2017-2018

On waking up one morning, you find that your hot water is ready and you don’t have to wait even for a second. Then check out our post at
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